Picture Roll- Winter 2018-2019

Hello all. Below is a picture roll of various images I’ve collected in the 2018-2019 season. I may add some more as I find them. The roll can be started by clicking any image. This will then enlarge them and you should be able to see the original images. I’m not sure how clear some of them came out in my last blogs- ‘The Owl and the Pike’ or in the ‘Ghosts of the Winter Marsh’ stories. I’ve rather enjoyed looking at them all in one place, so I may do this for some of the other periods that the blog has been going and perhaps include some photos that I didn’t include in the main blog. Right, I’m off for some lunch. Best Regards, Gazza

6 thoughts on “Picture Roll- Winter 2018-2019

    1. Good man! Cheers, John- Yes, it’s very Fen-like down here; nowhere near as big as the Broads but it’s Kent’s only bit of fenland around here, I think. They reintroduced beavers and they’re doing quite well. They leave quite a few half-eaten trees in their wake which winds up some of the landowners! But as an angler, it’s lovely to see them… Best Regards, Gazza


      1. perfectly good shots and they tell the tale visually

        the last memorable sights i saw on my local drains were an old gnarled guy working a hawk of some kind on former scrubland facing me ….. this land facing one of my favourite stretches has been sold to a large housing developer so hi jinks to follow methinks

        also …. fishing off one of the quality wooden stages provided by the ea ( approx 2008 and unlikely to be replicated ) a cormorant lurking in reeds next to my swim suddenly erupted right across me and shot off exit stage left

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      2. Hello Ron- Awful when it gets built on! My whole area is being developed but many of my hot-spots are at risk of flood so should be safe. The great talent of the angler is to exploit what’s available- particularly the coarse fisherman. Take Kent, it’s crammed with farm ponds, flooded brick-pits, dykes, gravel pits, and reservoirs- all of which are man-made. If you went back a couple of centuries, there wouldn’t be nearly so much fishing; it fascinates me how we’ve adapted to it… So whilst I lament the loss of landscape, I don’t think the fishing community will lose much in terms of its angling. We lose birding ground, though. And the shooters lose out… But us anglers shall make the best of it… Speak soon- Gazza (PS, I’d love to see someone hawking locally; east Kent seems devoid of that art…)


    1. Lovely, isn’t it, Sarah? I do love the winter. When I pike or roach fish in December, I’ll go out at mid-day and come back around 5. In low country, the dusks take hours to develop, like watching a marble painting appear all around you… But I mustn’t wish the warmer months away!


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