Photo Roll: Shorty’s Game

Hey guys, I may not be blogging for a while after this so I thought I’d go large on the short-eared owl I encountered back in April. These were quickly put together but they span the three dusks I spent stalking her… Or she me? I called the third part of my story ‘The Owl Unmasked’ but perhaps ‘The Photographer Unmasked’ may have been a wiser title?

Anyway, it’s been a pleasure. Best Regards, Gazza

Click to enlarge:

4 thoughts on “Photo Roll: Shorty’s Game

  1. Absolutely superb Gareth! I will miss the blogs but perhaps you should save it all up for bigger things. There’s definitely a book in you somewhere.
    Very best wishes and happy Angling! Malcolm

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    1. Cheers, Mal! You never know what can happen!

      The blog has reflected a very happy-go-lucky time in my life. I’m 41 now but when I was about 35, I decided to take time out to go fishing. The birding followed soon after. I ended up taking Wednesdays off work and being a teacher, with all the holidays I get, I started ticking boxes. All the stuff I wanted to get done as a teenager. A three pound perch, a big pike. Close-up encounters with birds of prey.

      It’s been brilliant and these entries have caught some of that. I’ve also found that I really enjoyed the writing. A lot of my stories have started going back into my childhood and other themes. So I’ll definitely keep writing as a hobby.

      All any writer needs is the right story! So I’ll keep dreaming…

      Best Regards, mate- Gazza


      1. Hello Philip- Thanks for saying so, mate! I think I’ve got a bit bored of writing them. I’m very fond of all of these stories, though. I’ll keep them online. It’s nice to own a little corner of the internet. But I honestly don’t know if I’ll write any more of them.

        Best Regards, Gazza


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